Welcome to HIQOS Technologies

HIQOS Technologies is a professional internetworking firm established to invent, install, maintain and retail advanced communication networks to meet the demands of today's economic, industrial and business climate. This is in recognition of the presenteconomic climate of the world which puts tremendous pressure on organizations to enhance productivity, minimize costs and maximize profit. In addition, the inexorable needfor information exchange and resource sharing throughthe integrationof data, voice, and video transmissions within a single, unified systemwhich has been acclaimed to be essential for any successful business is easily achieved through the expertise of Hiqos technologies. Read More....
High resolution projection systems
Touch screens, LCD and plasma displays
Interactive whiteboards
HD videoconferencing / Teleconferencing systems
Quality audio reinforcement system
Lighting systems
Web Hosting
Wide Area Networking (WAN)
Local Area Networking (LAN)
Wireless Networking
Wireless LANs (WLANs)
Cisco IP Phones
Voice over IP
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
TCP/IP Broadband Support
HTTP Application Support
Realtime Applications Support