Audio-visual Solutions

The position of audio visual technology as an emerging and potent means of communication in today's world is undisputable. It expands the reach of the standard boardroom, and conferencing service. It allows for expression to be seen, work to be shared and collaboration to occur across buildings, cities and countries.

Thus in our bid to make you stay relevant, at HIQOS, we offer a broad range of state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment that will ensure you deliver an impactful message to your audience. In this wise, whether your interest is in communicating with a business unit or corporate office across the country, discussing business with a strategic partner, meeting with stakeholders or presenting to customers, we have a distinct audio-visual solution for you. These include among others:.

  • High Resolution Projection Systems
  • Touch-screen, LCD and Plasma Displays
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • HD Video-conferencing/Teleconferencing Systems
  • Quality Audio Reinforcement Systems