Support Services

At HIQOS, we define service as the dedication to achieving leadership in customer satisfaction by providing world-class network implementation and support with internet and business solutions to our customers. Having realized that service is the key to customer satisfaction, our relationship with you as a customer does not stop when a product or piece of equipment is sold – in fact, we believe that the sale of the product is just the beginning of the relationship.

Our support service includes the following:

  1. Rapid replacement of hardware equipment (configuration and installation), with a delivery response time selected by you to meet your needs. This entails parts replacement together with a support engineers who will replace defective parts for you (Hardware Replacement and Onsite Support).

  2. All-round accesses to certified engineers who can quickly and accurately diagnose hardware and software problems during network-down critical issues. (Technical Assistance).

  3. Access to Software Support Tools including patches, bug fixes, major and minor releases for network platform, and applications software (Software Support).

We are able to deliver this world-class support by combination of our on-ground support organization together with the leverage of our respective manufacturers support service. To ensure consistency in support delivery, our executives are just a phone call away. We also have regular meetings to evaluate our score-card and seek your opinion on how we could do even better.